Complications After My Twins Birth

 They both were in the incubator the 1st two days, then Mya was put in a regular crib for one day, but then her body temperature wasn’t consistent she was put back in forth between the incubator and the crib until she was released a week after delivery. Mia, however, was born with a defected heart, which I was aware of during pregnancy. She was monitored closely and stayed in the NICU for a total of 2 weeks. She was released from the hospital but was given a time to return in a few weeks for her heart surgery. Unfortunately, the surgery was mandatory, otherwise she would end up succumbing to a heart attack.

The day after I was released I got a ride to drop off breast mil20170622_093042(0)k, then enjoyed myself in the Bronx at Jack Thriller’s Party & Bullsh*t show in between pumping my breast. Two days after leaving hospital and 6 days after having a C-section, I took the bus to NYC and walked from 178th street to 165th street to drop off breast milk and spend time with my babies. Some days I got a ride some days I didn’t.

My mom came back with my other kids 1 day before Mia was released from the NICU because my grandma was dying. I went with my mother three weeks after the babies were born to spend 4 hours with my grandma and read to her and showed her pictures of the babies. Unfortunately, she never got to see them in person, she died that following weekend. It was so much going on for me at the time, besides my baby Mia, having her health issues, it also hit me hard that I couldn’t go to my grandma funeral which was held in VA., but my baby girl health was of a more important matter.

Surgery was a success and after spending a few hours with her in PICU, I returned to Mya, who I left with the same & only friend that helped watch my kids when the police were at my home.

The following week after my grandma passing, Mia had her surgery. It was a 6 hour surgery. All I could do was pray and breastfeed. It passed thru my mind a few times, why her father didn’t have a heart big enough to care. All I could do it pray for me to learn forgiveness besides praying for her health and my strength.

The next day the surgeon 20170725_191735called, Mia’s suture on her rib had separated and they had to go back in to repair. That had me down again, hoping and praying she would be ok. After a 2 weeks she was released. My poor baby had been thru so much in her 1st month of life.

Following up two weeks later with her cardiologist, they saw on her echo that her lungs were filled with fluid, after getting and seeing her x-ray, her left lung20170810_133938 was just invisible behind all the fluid. She now had a collapsed lung, complications from surgery and had to be admitted again.

At first a diuretic was used but wasn’t draining the fluid (my breast milk) out fast enough, so they ended up having to insert a tube in her left side to drain fluid. Looking at her with all these tubes in her reminded me of the same machines my grandma was on when I last saw her. This all was very emotional for me but I had to be strong. Everyday either by bus & walking or a ride, Mya was tied up in a Moby Wrap and tagged along with me to the hospital every day to be with Mia.

I was very very immature before I had these babies despite the fac20170810_173944t I had two kids already. However, I never was abandoned by a man while pregnant, I never realized how many people weren’t my friend, never had DYFS in my house and never gave birth by myself. When I had my baby shower I spent almost my last with no help financially from anyone so that everyone who RSVP’d would have a good time and only 20 people out of the 60 that RSVP’s showed up and then none of the 40 that didn’t never called or sent a gift it made me see where I was on peoples friends list. This pregnancy and these two babies gave me the strength I never knew I had. It made me realize all those days hanging out with people, supporting people and going to the club wasn’t worth the time that I rather be home with people who loved and needed me and those are my children.

Having twins, has my focus on life on bigger things. Faith in God, loving my family and working hard to get money so they will never want for anything. All I can say is Thank you —- Thank you to the man that blessed me with these babies, despite his role. Thank you to people for allowing me to see who they really are to me. Thank you to my strength for getting me through. This was the best experience ever, giving birth to my last two.

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