How It All Started…

My life of a single mom of two kids was challenging enough. I had a teenager and a toddler. All I ever wanted was a family. A husband and a ton of kids. Finding the husband was the hard part but making the kids was much easier. Lol.

Well now I am a mom of 4 kids and the last two are twins. The twins were a blessing in a disguise.

For some reason I knew early on I was pregnant, even before my period was due. At first I thought maybe I was drinking too much because I felt “off” but then something told me, it was something more to it than that. I took a pregnancy test a whole week before my period was due, but of course it came out negative. I knew I took test to soon but I had to be pregnant because of the way I was acting reminded me of the other times I was pregnant. I was pregnant 4 times prior. Two of those 4 times ended in miscarriages. I ended up taking the 5 day early test and a light blue lined popped up confirming I was pregnant. pregnacytest

I had to text my cousin to confirm she saw a line since it was so thin. She decided to buy  a digital one to make sure.  I was so relieved that I finally knew now why I was acting “OFF,” but pregnancy wasn’t something I wanted, well not yet anyway.


2nd positive test (Digital pregnancy test 5 days early.)




I went to my doctor appointment for the first time in December, I was now 8 weeks along. The computers were down, but the doctor was still able to do a ultrasound. The nurse, the doctor and myself all saw 1 baby on the monitor and he printed me out a picture of my little nugget, I then made follow up for 2 weeks.

Two weeks later I return to the doctor, as the doctor is doing the ultrasound, I see him making strange faces. I said, “Hey, Doc was it up with these faces you are making?” He said, well it’s two things 1) you are having twins and 2) it looks like Mono Mono twins, which is a very very high risk twin pregnancy.”  I had recently read a story about a woman carrying mono mono twins, it is when the babies not only share the same placenta but also the same amniotic sac, meaning there is no separation and has to be carefully monitored requiring a lot of bed rest and hospital stays.

The doctor then decided to do a vaginal ultrasound to confirm, thankfully he was able to see two different sacs with the vaginal probe, and I was informed I was having Mono Di twins (One placenta, two sac = Identical twins). All I was doing was crying. I was OK with 1 baby, but two, how could this happen to me? The doctor informed me, Mono Di happen on its own, nothing to do with genetics, mono di twins aren’t hereditary only fraternal twins are hereditary from the mothers side.

My doctor informed me he didn’t handle Mono Di delivery since it was high risk and referred me to Maternal Fetal Medicine specialist Dr. Russell Miller at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in NYC.

I was seen every 2 weeks for a ultrasound and visit with Doctor, however, he referred me to the fetal echo department as well. Once they saw me they informed me that Baby B who is now Mia Sky had what it seemed to be a Coarctation of the aorta, which now caused me to have a ultrasound every week and see the doctor every two weeks.

Around 30 weeks, the doctor decided that I had to come in twice a week  for an ultrasound. Working in Midtown, leaving in NJ and having doctors appointment every week in uptown section of NYC was a lot especially since I was using public transportation and walking.

I was scheduled to be induced on June 25, 2017. At my second to last Dr appointment on June 20th everything was going as planned, then as the ultrasound tech went to go tell the doctor of her findings, she was taking longer than usual. As my surprise the doctor finally came in and informed me they were keeping me and to get ready for a birthday of two babies.

Before they started inducing me Mia’s heart rate was dipping, and four hours after they started inducing me I still wasn’t dilated and her heart rate continued to dip. I was then informed a C-section was mandatory.

I gave birth to my twins by c-section, Mia was taken sway immediately and Mya I got to see. The cord was wrapped around Mia’s neck that was why her heart was dipping.

Mya spent a week in the NICU and Mia two weeks. It was a hustle going to the hospital everyday but I did it, I walked 10 blocks the day after I was released from the hospital to bring them breast milk. But it was well worth it. A mothers love is remarkable.



Visiting Mya in NICU




Mia in NICU

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