I knew it wouldn’t be an easy task but as a single mom, but I wanted to take a venture with my kids even if that meant taking my 5 month old twins away as well.
I have my fifteen year old daughter and my three year old son, they don’t get out often and wanted to treat them to a nice resort in Orlando, Florida.
Our destination: Orange Lake Resort in Kissimmee, Florida.
As a single mom I looked forward to taking my 4 kids on a luxury vacation.
Our departure flight was with Spirit airlines. I must say I will never fly Spirit Again.
I had packed one suitcase with everyone things for a 5 night 4 day vacation. Of course with baby twins, you have to take extra onesies and pampers and a bunch of bids. Apparently, with Spirit Airlines they charge about $50.00 for checking in 1 bag and since my bag was 50.9 lbs. that was another charge of $55.00. So I spent $100 of the kid’s activity money checking our suitcase with Spirit Airlines.
After checking- In we were on our way to the biggest hump the TS mother (bleep) A, (In my daughter’s voice, my daughter has watched the movie  GET OUT to much, lol) PLANE

Once we got to security screening they gave my fifteen year old a pass so that she didn’t have to take off her coat and sneakers. Since my son is three he is allowed to go straight thru as well, but he is at the age where he likes to copy what I say and do, so he removed his jacket, hat, scarf and sneakers all while I’m trying to remove my sneakers, jacket and scarf. I was allowed to carry on my breast pump and bottles but all electronics had to be in its own tray. I had 2 cell phones, my camera and each car seat has to go on the security belt as well so I had to the remove babies as well.
I was kind of pissed since I had to put their blankets in a tray, they put their blankets in their mouth and I know the trays aren’t sanitized after each use. However, I have to follow regulations. By the time we finished taking off and unloading bags, we had 8 trays.
After going security screening we had an hour and a half before our flight departed which was at 6:15pm. After 6 pm they announced our flight was delayed until 7 pm. Thankfully the twins were well behaved, ate and slept. However, the three year old was a different story.
After 45 min, my son thought the sitting area at the gate was a play area. He ran all around, causing my daughter to chase him. He ended up running into a departure gate causing the airline attendant to chase after him with her baton to get him out or otherwise he would of ran right onto to the flight to Fort Lauradale and I would have had my own version of the movie HOME ALONE.
After getting my son to sit down, well sit down screaming and escaping from the stroller a stranger offered him candy causing him to remain half way seated until the plane was boarding,. The only thing I did appreciate about Spirit Airlines was that I was able to board first since I had a stroller.
Once on the plane all the kids slept which was a great thing. I was just unware that since I was sitting a 3 seat row the babies weren’t allowed to sit next to each other.

If more than one infant is seated in a parent’s lap and the oxygen masks were to be used one of the row occupants will have no oxygen mask to use.
Usually the reservation system/agents will avoid such a situation but it could happen that a family with two infants will be given boarding passes in one row, the cabin crew then will move one of the parents along with one of the infants to the other side of the row or to another row.”


My fifteen year old had to sit across from me and we just switched babies when one was hungry. however, the fact that I breast feed and need water or fluids, Spirit airlines charges for everything, no complimentary nothing expect for ice which I got so I could at least have some sort of water in my system and had to pay $5 for a drink for my son and daughter. Besides, the constant cost on Spirit and a delayed flight we finally got to our destination. Ohhh and I forgot to me mention no TV’s on the flight.
The funny part was my dad was picking us up in his 2 door Cadillac coupe. So, he took the kids, two car seats in the back, my son sat on the drink holder island in the middle of the back seat and my fifteen year old in the front. I sat at the airport with luggage and stroller until his wife was able to come pick me up an hour later.

On the departure trip I learned from the arriving flight the dos and don’ts. Thankfully, we took JetBlue Airlines back home. My daughter didn’t get a pass so she had to remove her belongings and we didn’t get to go first because we had a stroller. Baggage check in with the same suitcase I paid $105 to check in with Spirit Airlines. I paid $25 with JetBlue and we got complimentary drinks and chips as well as TV and the flight was on time.
Being a single mom with 4 kids, we did get a lot of attention and comments which I will blog about in my next blog. I’m glad I was able to take my kids away for fun because a lot of families with both parents aren’t fortunate don’t to getaway, so I’m very grateful.

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