My Top 10 Stupid remarks I get As A Twin Mom

My twin girls are now 5 months and we don’t get out much. I have gotten dumb questions, but after going away with them the questions got more annoying or stupid. I am usually the type who gets annoyed easily but having twins is making me just a little and I mean a little tolerate of ignorant people and the redundant questions. Here are my top 10 stupid questions or remarks I get since I became a twin mom.

10. When out with my twins, people say  “How do you do it?” When I get asked that I really want to say is, “What, I’m not suppose to do anything just because I have twins?” But instead I just grin and nod my head.

9. “Can I hold one of your babies?” HELL NO,  is what I say in my head. I just say, “No, I don’t let people hold my babies.”

While on vacation, random strangers just walked up to me or my dad and asked if they could hold my babies. Like WTH? However, I did let  another twin mom I was talking with hold one of my twins .

8. Are they yours? No, they’re the Boogie Mans!!!

I’m not one to just carry around anyone’s baby and definitely not anyone’s two babies.

YES, they are mine (I say with a fake smile as I roll my eyes)

The other day, a lady said she thought my twins were my 15 yr old daughter babies and I was the grandma. My 15 year old was wearing a bikini with a flat stomach, holding one baby while the other was in the stroller next to me. I don’t know if she was being funny because teen pregnancy is high in urban communities, because I know good and damn well I don’t look like nobody’s grandma or look like I have a 15 year old. Smh

7. After, I tell people they are identical, I get asked, does that run in your family? Maybe a lot of people aren’t educated on twins, but IDENTICAL TWINS ARE NOT HEREDITY, like my doctor says it’s the Luck of the Draw, I won the baby lottery by having identical twins. I think I have to explain this to everyone that stops me.

6. Are they natural? Yes, I had sex and BOOM instead of one I got two. Yes, I actually say that lol.

I really want to say, Does, it look like I would pay for IVF or pay a surrogate? Just to hear what else silly people will say.

5. Better you than me. What does that mean?

It takes a extra special strong woman to have, handle and take care of multiples especially if your a single mom.

Does it mean, better me because I’m strong and your weak? Does it mean, I’m lucky to be blessed with multiples and you weren’t because you wouldn’t appreciate that blessing?

Whatever it means, I know i’m thankful it was me and not you!

4. You talk about twins a lot, you must be obsessed with twins?

Now, when I was pregnant I had someone say this to me. I was pregnant with twins and now have twins so your definitely going to hear me talk about twins. What, are you mad because you can’t relate. Whats the problem?

That’s like is a person with no kids who is around friends who discuss their kids, do they say, you must be obsessed with kids? No, they listen or don’t engage in conversation since they can’t relate.

3. Did you get your tubes tied? This a very popular question. Why, do people care? Last I checked I take care of my kids and this is my body. If I want more kids it will be my responsibility. I support my kids by myself, I don’t get help, barely have people who help me. Therefore, if I make another that’s my prerogative. What does my tubes being tied or not have to be of any concern to anyone, i’m not on welfare so your tax money isn’t benefiting me so what I do with my uterus and Fallopian tubes don’t benefit you. 

2. “Are they twins? or Can I see?” (No, its a dog and a cat and my kids aren’t on display or spectacle).

I am pushing two babies in a stroller, what do people think? Again, I want to say a smart remark like: No, they are just two infants i’m pushing around for the fun of it?

I don’t know why people ask that question.

I would rather people walk up to me and say “Oh, are they identical or fraternal?” Again, I just say yes with a smile without showing “how I hate this question” thru my facial expression.

Now the # 1 most annoying Question is:

Are they Boy/ Girl? 

Now, I know we live in a world of anything goes and maybe one may think “she was rushing and threw a pink blanket on both babies.” However, if you see pink sneaker on both babies or pink anything on both babies that you are looking right at as ask me if they are Boy/ Girl, I really want to say are you that dumb, last I checked baby girls wear pink not boys. Instead I say, they are IDENTICAL GIRLS as I proceed to say under my breathe how much of an idiot you are. 


I know I will probably have more annoying phrase or questions as they get older but as of now these are my TOP 10. 





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