Working Mom to Stay at Home Mom

I returned to work in NYC while I live in NJ. I was reluctant because I didn’t want to be far from the twins, but I needed the money.

Being that I was one of the oldest and older employees in my department only after being there a year ( that in itself says a lot), I figured I would be able to get more of the schedule that I needed.  However, the 5 new people that came while I was on maternity leave got more convenient schedules, especially on the weekends. My manager was hired a month before I was due to leave, so she had seemed cool and easy to work with. A lot changed while I was gone.

Before I left, a week before giving birth to the twins I was working 100 + hours every 2 weeks, due to being short staffed. Everyone had to work weekends and time with the two children I already had was limited. Now that I returned, the new people have a weekend off, everyone had 1 night to close during the week and we all alternated a weekend night. I thought that was perfect. However, I wasn’t given a weekend off but instead I had to close on Sunday nights. I thought if I switched with my co-worker and close on his weekday I would get to either be off or leave earlier on the weekend, especially since I was the only person in my department with kids. I thought wrong. My manager said since I switched with him before consulting her I had to close both nights.

I was no longer making 80 hours because there were now two many people in my department, and now that I had twins I had to leave my house earlier to drop them off in the next town. I was averaging 4 1/2 hours a day with my kids 5 days out of the week. Since I was off Thursday and Friday I still wasn’t getting ample time with my teenager since she was in school. I used all my days, so I was getting written up because I called out sick. I was getting to work 20 min late because trying to catch a UBER or cab every morning to the sitter then being stuck in traffic on the bus to NY was a hassle. One day I just paid the cab $100 to take me to the sitter and then to work so I wouldn’t be late.

Being a single mom with 4 kids, in my mid 30’s then having to go to work and have someone tell you when you can go to lunch, tell them when you have to use the restroom, can’t whisper (Yes, we couldn’t whisper if my manager was in the office which was everyday), being watched and micro manged, then being told I couldn’t have my cell out and visible when I obviously I have children and I needed my phone to be out just in case I got a phone call. It got to a point where I couldn’t, I couldn’t be in a position where I was treated like a child and had to sneak and look at my phone or text the sitter.

I got up one morning and called in and said I’m not coming in, I quit. I didn’t how I was going to do it and I didn’t care because I was going to make something out of nothing. My kids come first and I knew I would do anything to make sure they have. I may not have all the money I had before, but I have a piece of mind and quality time with my kids and I make sure they still don’t want for nothing.


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