Bush Body Butter Balm

Sometimes it kinda of funny to see a 4 month old scratching. It’s like how do they know how to do that already.

Imagine seeing and feeling hard, rough scaly spots on both your twins and they both are whining and scratching. Well after seeing them scratch and scratch I came up with the idea to do something about it.

They doctor told me to invest in some products, but once I put those products on it was like the skin felt like crack and rough within a few hours.
So I decided to look up some all natural ingredients which includes raw butters and vitamin E that would help there skin and something I could use on their hair as well. Hey, let me kill 2 birds with one stone lol.

Not only did I make my own personal batch but I decided to get some reviews, so I sent 7 small jars to various strangers I met in a FB group that lived across the US so I could get feedback.
After their review, which were all good but some adjustments were needed.
So as I adjusted ingredients, I too was monitoring the progress on the twins skin.

Since the twins are behind the making of the Body Butter and we are looking into branding the babies we are now The Bush Brand and under that umbrella we now have the BUSH BRAND BODY BUTTER BALM 

After two weeks of applying BBBB 2-3 times a day their skin has improved and smoothed out.
My product, comes off oily but their skin eats right up which I love about it.
Since they are older then 3 months I added Lavender essential oils (Oils are not recommended for babies under 3 months).

After two weeks of using Bush Body Butter Balm, the skin is much smoother.

Our shop is on Etsy at https://www.etsy.com/shop/BushBrandBodyButters and you please go like us on Facebook The Bush Brand – Body Butter & Lotions and follow us on IG @Thebushtwins

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