Turning A Single Mother Struggles into Gratitude.

You would think having being a single mom of four, which includes 6 month old twins that people would come by or call to check on you. “Hey, do you need help doing laundry, grocery shopping or need a nap?” Maybe for some, but not for me, I’m lucky if one person called me once in 10 days who isn’t my mother.

I have a right to be bitter I feel, but I choose not to. I have a right to go back to smoking a Newport or taking a few pulls of a blunt while tears are rolling down my cheek. Maybe drink a whole bottle of wine or Ciroc while I reminisce until I get drunk and pass out and have my 15 year old deal with my 4 years old and 6 month old twins.

26238735_1743864578977364_774905907_o (1)

Walking back to get groceries I had to leave behind.

Just last night, New Years Eve, while I watched everyone on social media dress up or go out or to a loved ones home to celebrate, I was out grocery shopping, struggling with 10 heavy bags walking to the bus stop, and walking home from the bus stop. I got to the point where I just left a few bags behind while I walked half a block with the other bags, just to put those down and go back and get the backs I left behind. I walked those bags a few feet to put them down and went back for the other bags. I did that continually until I got to my apartment, which was only a 5 min walk from the bus stop but it became a 20 min hustle for me.

Instead making my struggle a sad story, I wanted to make into a story of goodness. There is no reason to be bitter. Some people don’t know what is feels like to have nobody so you can’t expect people to be there for you. Therefore, making my struggles and turning them into gratitude is just another piece of humble pie for me.

I got up today, New Years day and deiced to make homemade baby apple sauce and sweet potatoes for the twins . As I was doing so, I was wondering how many other single moms have nobody, nobody to call, nobody who visits and become sad and want to give up.

So, I decided since I know a lot of moms may not have the time or energy I am offering a weeks supple of free all natural homemade baby food (Apple Sauce and/ or Sweet potato) to 4 single parent families for the month of January. As the pictures show, you can see my food making process.

If you know of any families that want or need free all natural baby food email or inbox me @Thebushwins on IG for more information.

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