MIA & MYA Twin Adventures


While 6 months pregnant I started Mia & Mya Twin Adventures. The stories were based on different topics I would face as a mom, single mom or as they will face growing up with one another as well with their other siblings.

I wanted stories that related to kids all over. Bullying and growing up without a parent who knowingly walked away are touchy subject but they are both subject we as parent and kids have to deal with.

I decided to make the 1st book a two story book. The first book discusses Bullying and a simple manner for little kids. The second story deals with the twins facing the fact they don’t know their father and how I as a single mom will explain to them in a simple manner without bashing how they are still special and loved.

I found a great illustrator on IG @sketchesbybrookes aka Chris Morris. Chris is very talented and helped me bring my characters to life.

I have other stories coming along such as sharing, the importance of brushing your teeth and currently working on a story based on having scars from surgery.

Mia & Mya Twin Adventures is available on Amazon kindle as of now, hopefully in the next week it will be available on paperback.

Below is the link to purchase to book via Amazon Kindle.


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